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Sleep City is the leader in futon sales in the Rochester area and stocks a wide variety of futon mattresses, frames and covers.

Futons are a versatile and affordable sleeping solution

What is a Futon?

A futon is a flexible style of Mattress placed on a foldable frame. Unlike traditional mattresses, the Japanese-inspired futon mattresses are made of a combination of foam, cotton or polyester batting, and/or innerspring coils. Futon mattresses are manufactured to the same general dimensions as traditional mattresses, however, they differ greatly from traditional mattresses in thickness-futons are generally 4-10 inches thick. Futons are not designed to be used with traditional bedframes, and are not used in conjunction with a box spring or foundation. Futon frames come in a variety of hard woods and metals and are most often convertible from bed to sofa or loveseat.

Why should I choose a futon?

Many Sleep City customers purchase futons for their space-saving ability to function both as a bed and a seating unit. As affordable as they are flexible, futons are a popular choice with younger customers, or those with limited living space. Futons, futon frames and futon covers can be mixed and matched in endless combinations allowing them to fit uniquely into almost any decor and lifestyle.
Futon mattresses also offer unmatched comfort, and many Sleep City customers purchase futons for their distinctive manner of back support. Futon mattresses are now available with a foam core of innerspring coils to provide optimal durability and support. More and more chiropractors and orthopedists recommend futons for their healthful attributes, especially to people with back problems. And unlike many sofa beds, they're as comfortable for sitting or lounging as they are for sleeping. Ask a Sleep City representative to help you choose an option best suited to your individual needs.

Starting at $247 with an 8" foam mattress!!

 Below are a few of the models we carry...stop in to any store to see the entire collection!

Black Metal Futon
Phone-in special on this futon only
$290 complete w/ matt & delivery!!













Eureka Loveseat Lounger

* Please call any of our locations for a custom price quote on your perfect futon!

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